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Character-driven role-playing game

Undertale: Underfell is a character-driven RPG in which players interact with monsters who wish to harm them. It is an AU (alternate universe) of the well-known role-playing video game Undertale. Featuring old-school graphics and complex strategy, Underfell is a fun single-player game that's sure to keep fans of the Undertale series entertained.

Is Underfell a real game?

Undertake: Underfell was developed by The THI Team - THI Games as a non-profit and unofficial fan game based on Undertale. It started life as a piece of artwork – or design aesthetic – showing a concept for an Undertale AU where everyone was evil and edgy before eventually becoming a game known as Underfell.

For those new to the Undertale world, the original game featured good-natured monsters who didn't want to hurt the protagonist. In Underfell, however, the friendly monsters have been replaced with malicious versions who want to do the player harm. Conversely, other characters that were good in the original Undertale are now bad in Underfell.

Similar AU spin-offs of Undertale include Undertale: The Second Chance, Underswap, Deltarune, and Unitale. Sans Simulator is a fan-made free battle game, while Underfell: Revolution, takes place in two locations. There is even Trainertale, an AU based on Pokemon and Undertale.

How do I download Undertale: Underfell?

Please note that there is a full version of this game as well as a very limited demo. Users will have to purchase Undertale: Underfell in order to fully access all aspects of gameplay. To try Underfell, just download and run the .exe file on your Windows 10 PC - the game will start automatically and does not create a desktop icon.

Underfell opens with a warning about spoilers for the game Undertale and recommends that players do not play Undertale: Underfell without having played or watched a let's play for Undertale. This is an important point as people completely new to the Undertale universe are unlikely to fully appreciate Underfell.

The opening credits of Underfell explain the story - long ago humans and monsters, the two ruling species on earth, engaged in a terrible battle. After a long fight, humans won and buried all the monsters underground using magic.

Now, sometime later, players must play as the character Frisk, a child who has entered the catacombs underneath the mysterious Mount Ebott. The ultimate goal is to escape with the help of a character named Flowey.

Throughout the adventure, Frisk will come across many of the same characters fans might know from Undertale, but who interact in different ways. Fell Sans, for example, is the main antagonist of the Underfell AU. Unlike his Undertale counterpart, he is destructive and afraid of his brother, Papyrus, the aggressive ruler of Snowdin.

Simple gameplay with fun strategy

Because of its original development Undertale: Underfell features few backstories in regards to the characters and creatures themselves. This has led to fans of the game creating their own theories behind their origins as well as why certain personalities are different than others.

Commands for the single-player RPG are simple – arrow keys to move, z key to interact, x key to cancel, and c to see the menu. When your HP runs out, the game is over. Information and conversations between characters are printed out on screen and it's easy to understand what you need to do. The music is reminiscent of the classic chiptune songs of early video games.

Just like Undertale, in Underfell your decisions affect the story in different ways with certain characters becoming your allies and others your enemies. You can play through the game in various ways, creating varying storylines each time. The monsters in Underfell don't hold back, making the battles much harder than the original Undertale.

A fun expansion for fans

Featuring memorable characters and a great story, role-playing game Undertale: Underfell will ultimately appeal mostly to players who are already fans of Undertale. It's fun for anyone familiar with the Undertale universe to spot how the original game has been subverted and what changes have been made to the characters.

Those who aren't fans of Undertale might find the old-fashioned graphics disappointing, although the fun strategy and simple gameplay may win over new fans.


  • Characters are being constantly updated
  • Game requires a great deal of strategy in order to succeed
  • Fun expansion for fans of Undertale


  • Characters are highly pixelated
  • Old-fashioned graphics and gameplay
  • Can't play full version without a paid download
  • Newcomers to Undertale might not understand Underfell
  • Demo version is very limited

Older versions

Undertale: Underfell for PC

  • Demo
  • In English
  • V 0.1.6
  • 4.1
  • (1113)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Undertale: Underfell

  • Nuxsi

    by Nuxsi

    this game has a great story, I really liked it. THIS IS MY FAVORITE GAME

  • Nana Girl2332

    by Nana Girl2332

    :3 :}}}}}}}}}}}}}} gg good auone of my personal favorite


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